Key Features

  • Efficient and Flexible
    • Presentation of information is intuitive and familiar
  • Architected using Sequel Server Reporting Services (SSRS) which are commonly held skills of customer Information teams enabling local support and ease of customisation.
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Accommodates data from multiple sources e.g. PAS, Theatres, ED.
  • Data Consolidation
    • Provides a “snap-shot” view of legacy data, usually at the point of migration. Additional data can be appended as needed.
  • Reporting Format
    • On-line reports are configurable using predefined parameters making filtering easy.
    • Records can be viewed as patient summary level or for a specific spell or encounter

Standard reports include:

  • Patient Details (NHS no, Hosp/MR Number, First Name, Surname, DOB)
  • Demographics (Address, GP, Relationship History e.g. NOK, emergency contacts)
  • A&E attendance details including date and time, Triage and Discharge Summary
  • Admissions (dates of admission and discharge, consultant etc.)
  • Outpatient attendances (Appointments by date and time, specialties, consultants etc)
  • RTT History (start date, end date and status of each RTT period)

Drill down enables users to view greater levels of detail relating to each patient.