Key Features

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Module

  • Data extract: a library of routines comes ready to deploy in respect of major systems (Clinical, EPR/PAS/Departmental and Data Warehouse) utilised in the UK. Capable of rapid customisation and extension to reflect localised functionality, bespoke product variants, complementary stand alone or integrated applications.
  • Multiple data source handling: enabling consolidation and rationalisation of extract data to assure business continuity e.g. RTT
  • ETL On Demand:
    • Configured to run daily, ensures a complete set of up to date source system(s) data is always available to produce IFF’s as needed. Reduces dependency on legacy system supplier, facilitates customer flexibility and protects project time-lines
    • Transformation routines include common field derivation requirements where source systems do not hold data items required by the target solution. Additional routines coded as needed ensuring completeness and accuracy of data in the target system
    • Handles patient and system configuration data as part of ETL, reducing the effort and risks associated with manual configuration activities
  • Data Quality (DQ) and Integrity: assures the quality and efficiency of migration reducing the risk of post migration data issues.
    • Quality and integrity checking at all stages
    • Analysis of potential patient merges for local reconciliation
    • DQ routines embedded in IDS: DM produce reports on DQ issues often enabling resolution through manipulation of the ETL routines.
    • Validation of configuration data eliminating “trial load” failures through predictive analysis