The IDS can support the deployment of all main EPR systems including Cerner Millennium, System C Medway, CSC Lorenzo, IMS Maxims, InterSystems TrakCare and NHS Trust data warehouses and is easily configurable for other EPR solutions and data sources.

The IDS has been utilised in many EPR system deployments and has been successful in reducing project timelines, lessening programme costs, resolving complex data issues and delivering excellent data quality and service.

The Integris Data Suite comprises of the following modules:


IDS: Data Migration

The IDS: Data Migration (DM) Module underpins the data migration service provided by Integris and delivers high quality reliable data from legacy systems to modern EPR solutions. Our advanced migration techniques significantly increase the scope and quality of data migration in rapid timeframes, improving business continuity for clinical and operational staff.

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IDS: Data Warehouse

The IDS: Data Warehouse delivers complex reporting and intelligent analytics and is based on the NHS Data Model and Dictionary to ensure ease of use by NHS teams and provide consistency with current systems and reporting.

The IDS: DW provides the load and transformation capabilities to deliver a secure, IG compliant, single platform for consolidation of all client data sources for analysis, reporting and dataset production, enabling a more informed analysis and greater insight into their data. Comprises 5 modules supporting critical NHS business requirements;

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IDS: View

The IDS: View enables end users to view legacy data from multiple legacy systems that were not included in the scope for migration into a new EPR / EHR. It is a web based application that provides an interactive means of viewing data held within the IDS through a centralised portal.

Typically, major deployments focus on migration of a subset of data to the target system, rendering valuable historic data inaccessible to end users. IDS view provides an on-going solution to this problem, providing users access to data from legacy systems via a portal.

IDS: View uses the NHS Data Dictionary and Data Model to ensure presentation of descriptive information that is both easily understood and familiar to the user.

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