Working with NHS Teams

We have Implementation Specialists with experience across all deployment work streams for healthcare applications, including;

Programme Assurance – Working with executive stakeholders, typically Trust CEO, COO or Finance Director, to provide programme assurance and supplier management.

Project Management – Leading the project or working as a Project Manager within a team (e.g. responsible for a departmental system such as theatres / maternity, or for a deployment function such as test manager or cutover manager).

Configuration / Functional Specialist or Business Analyst – Responsible for working with Trust Operational Staff and Change Teams to design the workflows and configuration (build) required to support Trust operation of new systems.

Change / Benefits Specialist – Working with the Trust to develop new business processes required for effective operation of new systems and to realise the benefits within the business case.

Data Migration – Responsible for the extract and transformation of legacy data into supplier IFFs (including management of data quality issues and configuration mapping in partnership with configuration teams). Data Migration staff can also develop and support loading into legacy data viewers (archive solutions), as well as delivering the Integris Data Suite solution.

Deployment Toolkits – Extensive experience in the development of deployment collateral, which can be used within a deployment project to improve quality and reduce costs. We have developed effective relationships with a large number of NHS Trusts and can leverage this to provide existing collateral into project teams at no additional cost to the NHS. Our staff provides support and guidance to ‘localise’ collateral from other projects and ensure that it is relevant.

Information Management (NHS reporting) – Developing the reporting strategy, reporting gap analysis, design and development of the Trust Data Warehouse solutions, development of reporting KPIs, development and testing of statutory (including CDS and 18 week RTT) reporting and operational reports.

Integration – Responsible for the design and development of Trust Interface Engine (or supporting the development / redevelopment of messages to downstream systems).

Training – Developing the training strategy and approach, creating training collateral and planning / delivering end user training.

Testing – Supplementing Trust teams, supporting user acceptance testing, management of test statistics and delivery of test report.

System optimisation – Working with Trust teams in the days and weeks post ‘go-live’ to fully optimise the solution.

Working with Supplier Teams

The Integris team has extensive experience deploying healthcare IT solutions, both as part of a supplier team and as a team on behalf of a supplier (i.e. an outsourced deployment unit).

We can work with suppliers in any deployment capacity.

For suppliers, our team can work with your deployment teams to review the current deployment approach and where necessary recommend changes and support development of standard document toolkits (including items such as standard operating procedures, deployment and user acceptance test scenarios and scripts, strategy documents, training plans, organisational readiness assessments and project initiation documents).