We work with NHS organisations and other healthcare providers to support the development of their IT strategy as an enabler of operational and financial benefit realisation.

Our teams are highly skilled with comprehensive knowledge and experience of modern healthcare applications and can support all aspects of healthcare IT delivery.

Integris is one of the leading data migration service providers for the NHS; our teams have significant experience of data migration from a range of clinical systems.

With over 20 years’ experience of implementing IT enabled change for the NHS we have developed innovative products and services to meet the growing demands of modern healthcare provision.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the safe and successful implementation of complex healthcare IT project and programmes and are passionate about providing exceptional service and value for money.

Whether it’s an appreciation of the most effective engagement techniques with different NHS staff groups or an understanding of the complex definitions within the NHS Data Dictionary to support the development and submission of statutory reports, we recognise and are able to respond to the risks and issues within a deployment project.

More importantly, we have a fundamental understanding of how key decisions impact staff, patients, data quality and the operational management of the Trust.