A flexible approach

Our experience has taught us that the concept of ‘one size fits all’ does not work. We have worked with various software applications in wide-ranging healthcare settings. Our objective is to share best practice, deployment collateral and lessons learned across the NHS. By leveraging outputs from previous projects, we ensure that the costs of deploying solutions are as streamlined as possible.

Each deployment is framed around a standard methodology which we adapt and enhance to address the specific needs of each client. Above all there is an overriding requirement for flexibility, underpinned by the development of innovative products and services to meet the growing demands of modern healthcare provision.

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A unique perspective

The NHS operational and clinical experience of our staff provides them with a unique perspective on deploying systems into the NHS.

Whether it’s an appreciation of the most effective engagement techniques with different NHS staff groups or an understanding of the complex definitions within the NHS Data Dictionary to support the development and submission of statutory reports, our staff recognise and are able to respond to the risks and issues within a deployment project.

More importantly, they have a fundamental understanding of how key decisions impact staff, patients, data quality and the operational management of the Trust.

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